WordofGod  is a non-profit organization and its purpose is to spread the Word of God as it is written in the Divine Greek Archetype texts.

The entire team consists of volunteers doing pro bono ministry work.

Moreover, we are a self-funded ministry, but our finances are no longer sufficient to cover our growing operational needs.

If you want to join our ministry effort with a contribution for spreading the Word of God, you may do so through this page; we will be updating it with our specific needs and you may participate with the amount God puts in your heart.
Presently, there is a need to upgrade the content quality of our broadcasting by buying four high definition (HD) cameras to replace the existing (SD) ones.

These are the selected models:

· 1 x Canon Legria HFS30

· 3 x Panasonic HC-X900

at a cost of €1050.00 each and a total of four, they are amounting to €4200.00

You may donate using a valid credit card or your Paypal account. The donator’s name and paid amount is recorded only as an accounting book keeping transaction and it is not further communicated to adhere to the Word of God principle:

"But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth " Matthew 6: 3

If needing a receipt for tax purposes, do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address: mail@WordofGod.gr